Powering Partnerships helping global business, NGOs and organisations since 1997


Since 1997 we have been helping global business, NGOs and organisations to understand and drive value from stakeholder relationships and partnerships and work effectively together to address commercial and societal issues and communicate the results. Our expertise spans two core areas:

• Increasing understanding, support and engagement for causes that matter - demonstrating the business case for cooperation; creating strong propositions; researching, quantifying and evaluating societal and business benefits and impacts; and communicating success, internally and externally.

• Advising and Project Managing multi-stakeholder initiatives - from fund-raising and bringing partners together, to providing clear strategic direction and managing all aspects of the programme on our clients’ behalf.


Our focus is on rigorous research and robust analytical thinking to provide clear strategies, plans and activities that deliver against mission and goals, but we go beyond this to provide hands-on support for implementation and project management. Effective partnerships rely on productive human relationships and we work to improve understanding and coordination between often very different cultures and approaches. In many cases we act as a bridge, bringing partners together and providing an independent perspective.

Our experience and accumulated expertise is wide-ranging and varied, and includes originating shorter term, tactical projects; re-invigorating and re-energising tired programmes and partnerships; and setting up and managing long-term programmes for our clients.


In a challenging world we play straight.

Our approach is direct, practical, transparent, and co-operative. We deliver clear strategic direction and actionable plans, backed up with clear and concise collateral. We aim always to leave a legacy of increased understanding, knowledge and skill.

We abide by Quaker values in all of our activities and are accredited to the GoodCorporation standard for corporate governance and responsibility.

Our clients tell us that we bring creativity and freshness to projects and that we are stimulating and fun to work with. We are frequently asked back to turn our attention to other issues faced by a client - sometimes over several years.

We work pro-bono for a number of good causes, and directly support community renewable energy and energy-efficiency schemes with time, expertise and finance.


Recently we have helped clients with projects on:

Energy and environment
• The Internet of Things
• Zero energy housing
• Energy efficient appliances
• Managing energy consumption
• Renewables communication
• Climate change policy
• Air quality
• Wildlife poaching and trafficking
• Citizen science
• Low carbon taxis

Corporate/NGO partnerships
• Business cases for funding
• Funding bids
• Proposition development
• Partnership strategies
• Product development


We are a specialist boutique consultancy, consisting of two founding directors and like-minded associates. Together we offer senior capability, broad experience, deep expertise, and an independent perspective gained from working in the private, public and not for profit sectors nationally and internationally. We leverage this fully in all our work. In 2014 we changed our company name to Powering Partnerships from Corporate Responsibility Consulting better to reflect our approach and our work.

Oliver Griffiths


Carol Griffiths


Dr. Charlotte Grezo


Sharon Bruton


Ian Fusco-Fagg


David Aeron-Thomas


Powering Partnerships is committed to successful cooperation

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